Launch of Patrick’s Catalog compiled by Libby Horner

On Saturday 23rd of November 2013  the catalog of all works by Patrick Reyntiens that has recently been compiled by Libby Horner will be launched at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham, Rutland.


This publication, that has been produced by Sansom publishing is the first time that all the works made by Patrick Reyntiens, the Living Master of Stained Glass in the United Kingdom, has ever been put together to present a comprehensive overview in a single authoritative work. This work has been done by Libby Horner who, whilst making a film commissioned by John Reyntiens on Patrick’s work, in 2010 (From Coventry to Cochem) took the trouble to document each site she visited. Since then she has continued to add to her research, including wherever possible top quality photographs and images of the works she has documented. She has also added critical information concerning the works and their making that she came across in the course of her research. Thus producing a first class seminal work on the artist.

“There will be a re-discovery of Reyntiens as an artist of considerable stature in his own right”

Sir  Roy Strong

Michael Goldmark of the Goldmark Gallery has generously offered to host the launch of the book at his gallery, where there will be a reception with a talk by Libby Horner on the writing of the book.

This will take place on Saturday 23rd November from 10:30am til 5:30pm.

Here is a small taste of the contents of the catalogue.