This site is dedicated to a particular series of works make by Patrick Reyntiens in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This was after Burleighfield House, the art centre Patrick and his late wife Anne Bruce ran from 1963 until 1976, and at which studios he had constructed the tower of the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in Liverpool, had closed. He had spent 10 years at the Central School of Art and Design, where he served as the Head of Fine Art, working alongside such contemporary artists as Cecil Collins, Mark Vaux, John Plumb and Sculptor Tim Scott.

Patrick  retired from this post to continue his own stained glass work after a long and fruitful collaboration with John Piper.

These panels are all based around themes that have interested Patrick since his early years. Training in Latin and Greek history, philosophy and myth, as well as the teachings of his Catholic faith, all contribute to the resonance of the themes
portrayed here.

Many of the panels may be purchased, they are all one-of-a-kind, and as such unique. Some of the prices are indicated, and this will give a guide as to the prices for the panels where there is no indication.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please fill in our contact form and Edith Reyntiens, who manages this site will be in touch with you.


Dear Edith,

Your web site is not working properly. I am unable to view any of the panels.



@Roxane Dear Roxanne,

Thank you very much for letting us know that there is a problem with the website. We have indeed had a problem with the display of pictures on Patrick's website.

We will be rectifying this problem in the coming week and I will send you a link as soon as we have completed the work.

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